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Eliot Cowan leading the Plant Spirit Medicine Conference in prayer next to a river.

Remembering Eliot Cowan

Portrait of Plant Spirit Medicine founder, Eliot Cowan.
Phil Roberts – Plant Spirit Medicine Healer and Client
Perth, WA, Australia
“The legacy of his work will continue through all those he helped, as we do our best to bring this much needed medicine to our communities."
John Huang – Graduate of Plant Spirit Medicine and Client
California, USA
“Now I see the natural world as alive and sentient. It has blessed me with purpose and connection.”
Karla Refoxo – Plant Spirit Medicine Healer and Client
Colorado, USA
“The most valuable thing Eliot gave me was to remind me of my innate ability to be connected to the natural world and the importance of listening.”
Marilyn Berta – Plant Spirit Medicine Healer and Client
California, USA
“I felt a deepening sense of healing in every level of my being.”
India Hoeschen-Stein – Plant Spirit Medicine student and Client
Concord, MA USA
“He taught me how to truly embrace all aspects of life in this beautiful world.”