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Plant Spirit Medicine helps us connect with the world.
remembering eliot cowan
Portrait of Plant Spirit Medicine founder, Eliot Cowan.

Transformation and Purpose

Eliot Cowan transformed my life. I was an atheist before attending some of the earliest fire circles that he brought back from his work with the Huichols. At the first fire circle I went to, I felt the authentic heart connection and heart sharing. I realized that this was what I had been longing for all my life. I recognized that there was true wisdom in these circles. Now I see the natural world as alive and sentient. It has blessed me with purpose and connection.

I took his plant spirit medicine class and my journey with healing deepened. It helped with an ancient longing to rekindle connection with plants and nature. It was a longing I was barely aware of at the time. Eliot opened new worlds to me and I am forever grateful for that!