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Plant Spirit Medicine is one of the fundamental offerings of the Blue Deer Center. Therefore, it embraces the same mission, vision and values of the Center as it brings its medicine into the world. Blue Deer Center is the home of Plant Spirit Medicine.

Blue Deer’s programs offer the spiritual benefits of nature and the healing wisdom traditions that have been forgotten. People come from all over the world to immerse in our programs–a place to take a pause from the struggle of everyday life to restore, connect with our spirits, and ultimately find balance in our lives by reawakening our deepest knowing of nature. At Blue Deer we have hosted more than 17 elders from around the world – wisdom traditions such as the Turtle Clan, Arhuaco, Xané, Mohawk, Cherokee, Vedic, Dagara, Huichol (Wixarika), Nahua Weather Workers, Bon, and Oglala Lakota. 

Blue Deer is a social benefit 501(c)(3) organization thanks to the generosity of our donors, volunteers, staff and community. We opened our doors to welcome participants for the first time in 2005. Located in the New York Catskills, Blue Deer Center is situated on 93 acres of sacred land long recognized as an important place of conflict resolution. The center is surrounded by the calming presence of the mountains and the river of peace (Saskawhihiwine).

Blue Deer Center has a team of talented and passionate individuals in charge of running the organization and its multiple programs. Meet the Blue Deer’s team.

Our mailing address is: 1155 County Route 6, Margaretville, NY 12455 USA

Mission, Vision & Values

Misson: As an expression of sacred fire, Blue Deer offers a home for shared experiences of transformation and healing by embracing the knowing of the natural world.

Vision: We see a way of life where Ancestral Wisdom connects self, community and the natural world.

Values: We proclaim these values to guide the work of Blue Deer Center:

  • Do no harm
  • Act with fairness
  • Support order
  • Live with respect
  • Honor the sacred

Plant Spirit Medicine Leadership

Sabina Garcia
Plant Spirit Medicine Director

Sabina leads the Plant Spirit Medicine Department to carry forward its learning programs to the world, create and implement marketing and communications strategies, as well as maintaining and developing new partnerships with key stakeholders.

Jessica De la O
Plant Spirit Medicine Administrator

Jessica oversees administrative aspects of course operations and student support services, and contributes in other key areas.

plant spirit medicine steering committee

The Plant Spirit Medicine Steering Committee is an advisory group that meets regularly to provide counsel and operational support to address the demand and delivery of Plant Spirit Medicine training and programs. The Committee includes:

Sabina Garcia
Plant Spirit Medicine Director

Jessica De la O
Plant Spirit Medicine Administrator

Amanda Kerner
Acting Executive Director of Blue Deer Center

Linda Felch
President of Plant Spirit Medicine Association

Blue Deer Center Board of Directors

As a governing body, the Blue Deer Center Board of Directors focuses on strategy, oversight, and accountability of the organization in order to advance its mission.

Patrick Hanaway

Amanda Kerner

Scott Reid