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Plant Spirit Medicine changed my life
remembering eliot cowan
Portrait of Plant Spirit Medicine founder, Eliot Cowan.

Learning and healing

I began studying Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot in 2003 and I began receiving healing from him then as well. Every class and every treatment brought numerous epiphanies and transformations. His clarity of perception and speaking, along with his vast compassion, were such extra-ordinary gifts. I could always sense his deep relationship with the plant beings and their presence during my treatments was palpable – they came running when he called! It is difficult to express in words the gifts I received, and the depth of gratitude I feel. I’ll just say that he taught me how to truly embrace all aspects of life in this beautiful world. I am so blessed by the learning and healing I received from this amazing, generous, brilliant and loving man. May the many gifts he gave us live on through our service to the world.