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In these courses you’ll learn…

Level One
Yellow flower at Blue Deer Center, home of Plant Spirit Medicine.

Growing Awareness of Nature

An introductory on-demand course designed to give you a direct experience with the aliveness of nature and nature’s ancestral relationship with humans. This course touches upon the importance of nature’s influence in our lives and the amazing ability of plants to guide and heal. It inspires us to relate to plants as living beings and recognize their generous source of help in order to live a fulfilled life.

Level Two: In Progress
Mountain Pink wildflower at Blue Deer Center

An Intimate Relationship with Plants and the Human Spirit

Level 2 is designed to deepen your relationship with plants and introduces you to the foundations of Plant Spirit Medicine healing work. This level of coursework will guide you into the dream of nature so you can discover the magical healing aspects of plant spirits.

Level Three: In Progress
Forget-me-not wildflowers at the Blue Deer Center

The Healer’s Journey

Level 3 is designed for those who want to become Plant Spirit Medicine healers. If you want to be of service and contribute to the healing of people and the planet, or have a desire to improve the quality of your life and others through a deepened connection to nature and healing work, this course is for you.

Plant Spirit Medicine
Healer Training Program

Over 30 years ago, this program was originally designed and taught as an in-person learning experience to train Plant Spirit Medicine healers. While many enrolled in this program to become Plant Spirit Medicine Healers, others simply wanted to deepen their connection with nature and live a more connected life. Today’s program is re-designed to offer courses for those who want to become Plant Spirit Medicine healers, as well as those who want to learn about this connection but not continue on to become a Plant Spirit Medicine healer. Students will be drawn to a long-forgotten memory of connection to plants and nature. To achieve this, the course is divided into three levels. After immersing yourself in the natural world and your relationship with it in Level 1, you can decide if you want to go further. Join us for this ancient and transformative experience with nature.

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