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Plant Spirit

Starflower blossom photographed in the Catskill Mountains of New York

An alarming imbalance between humans and the natural world has spread in modern societies. Plant Spirit Medicine addresses the importance of a spiritual connection to nature for our well-being. This connection inspires us to turn to plants for guidance and healing.


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Growing Awareness of Nature

Learn about the living natural world, building relationships with plants, and connecting with the spirit of plants. Let the wisdom of plants enrich your worldview of nature. Enroll now and start a transformative journey towards healing and being in balance with nature.

Closely packed mass of ferns.

our students
are saying

What our students are saying
I learnt that the plants do not have a "them and us" view, but rather that it’s all of "us", and our need to honour that relationship. It has enriched my life in the people I've met and friends I’ve made, in taking me out of my comfort zone…
Wales, United Kingdom
Emyr Roberts
The training was SO rich I can’t possibly pick and choose what stood out as most memorable or valuable. The fact is, so much of what I learned has been woven into how I engage with life, including recognizing our various human emotions as “energy in motion”, and how these are meant to express and flow, one into the next.
Christine Staub
There was a moment in learning when we began speaking of mental constructs and worldviews and I began to realize that I hadn’t been fully living, only merely getting by on my beliefs and ideas about things, living primarily in my thoughts and mind. This moment taught me that I could live with my whole being engaged–my heart, my five senses, my feelings and the entirety of my experience–not just through my thoughts.
Cassandra Starks
My experience during the training was the most profound education I've ever received. Learning how to commune with the plant spirits through dream journeying deepened my connection with the natural world in a way I never imagined and is what stands out the most. The living world came alive in a way I didn't know existed
Colleen S.