The Healing Power of Plants

What is Plant Spirit Medicine?

Plant Spirit Medicine is a form of spiritual healing rooted in ancestral traditions that combines traditional Chinese Five Element theory with the indigenous practice of calling upon plant spirits to heal. Plant Spirit Medicine recognizes that like humans, plants have spirit, and their spirit has the unique capacity to touch and heal the spirit of a human being and restore us to our own essential nature. 

Plant Spirit Medicine differs from many forms of herbalism in the importance it places on the relationship between the plants, the healer and the client. Our ancestors lived this way–-an existence in which there is no illusion of separation from nature. They would make friends with the spirits of nature and call upon them for healing and other everyday affairs. This ancient practice, long forgotten in the West, has now been remembered, revitalized, and reintroduced by American healer and shaman, Eliot Cowan, and has proved as effective in today’s world as in times past.

Modern people are once again turning to plants for guidance and for their ability to heal us in body, mind and spirit. When we take the time to build a relationship with them, they give us what we need to live a much deeper and richer experience of our life.



Updated Edition of Plant Spirit Medicine

by Eliot Cowan

Plant Spirit Medicine has inspired people from around the world to explore a deeper way of relating to plants. Since its first printing in 1995, the book has been discovered or sought out by countless readers drawn to indigenous spirituality and all things alive and green. Cowan invites us to discover the healing power of plants―not merely their physical medicinal properties, but the deeper wisdom and gifts that they offer.

Enriched by many new insights, Cowan’s updated edition unfolds as a series of chapters on how plant spirit medicine helped him resolve specific challenges on his own healing journey and in his work with others. In the telling, we learn how plant spirits can directly communicate with and aid us all. To purchase, click on the book.