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Plant Spirit

Starflower blossom photographed in the Catskill Mountains of New York

An alarming imbalance between humans and the natural world has spread in modern societies. Plant Spirit Medicine addresses the importance of a spiritual connection to nature for our well-being. This connection inspires us to turn to plants for guidance and healing.


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Growing Awareness of Nature

Learn about the living natural world, building relationships with plants, and connecting with the spirit of plants. Let the wisdom of plants enrich your worldview of nature. Enroll now and start a transformative journey towards healing and being in balance with nature.

Closely packed mass of ferns.

our students
are saying

What our students are saying
I love the online course! I live in an area with almost no nature. And I was suffering a bit about that. But now I feel more there is such a big energy even from this little nature. My vision changed in this two weeks from ‘oh this poor plants’ to ‘waaw! They are little, but they are so powerful'. Thank you for this. Looking forward to the following modules!
Katleen Vandamme
...I felt every teacher speaking with authenticity... I felt emotional and so grateful to listen to their wisdom... I already communicate with plants and I now feel supported and I can be part of a community. Thank you so much.
Maria Carnibella
I am feeling such gratitude to have found this course, and to be a part of the bridge rebuilding between the plant people, the elementals and humanity. I'm honored to be heeding this call, and I feel so nourished by all of the rich teachings from the elders in this course who offer us their loving wisdom of the natural world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Pratibha Devi Rashad
The comparative walks in a city vs nature really touched me. It made it clear to me how much plants do and have always had an impact on me, even when I didn’t notice it. I especially loved and was touched by the quote in module 1 that 'plants are our eldest and wisest teachers'.
Abigail Murray-Nikkel