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The gift of healing thru the plants
remembering eliot cowan
Portrait of Plant Spirit Medicine founder, Eliot Cowan.

A deepening sense of healing

Here are the first words I spoke eighteen years ago after receiving a startling diagnosis of breast cancer, “I need to find a Medicine Woman or a Shaman.” Just as surprising, the next day, a friend who had heard of my dilemma told me she knew someone who might be able to help me. A few days later I found myself in the Santa Monica Mountains with others who had come from near and far to experience Eliot’s amazing gifts.

After my first treatment I felt stronger and more vital than I had in many years. In the subsequent days I felt a deepening sense of healing in every level of my being. I was so astonished by Eliot’s work, I wished to continue Plant Spirit Medicine treatments back home.

Receiving regular Plant Spirit Medicine made an enormous difference in my recovery. During a year of chemotherapy, speaking to my support group, I reported that on a good day I practiced some yoga in the morning, took a walk on the beach and on a very good day I could also garden for a short while. The next woman said, “On a good day I make it from my bed to the sofa.” Eliot’s work and Plant Spirit Medicine are an integral part of why I am happily alive today recounting this story to you.