The Healing Power of Plants

What can I expect from a Plant Spirit Medicine session?

In your initial session, your PSM healer will listen to your concerns and make a detailed assessment of what you need and which plants can best help you. The healer will then call upon the plant spirit best suited for you. The Plant Spirit Medicine healer is a matchmaker between what you need and the plants that have the willingness and ability to provide it. The first session typically lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Subsequent sessions last 30 minutes to an hour. During a Plant Spirit Medicine session, your healer will work with the plant spirits to remove any energy blockages and imbalances. Each treatment builds upon the last, laying the foundation for health. During your sessions your healer will take your energy pulses to assess their balance, checking them frequently throughout the treatment in order to assess the effectiveness of each step. Your healer will advise you of the frequency and timing of your treatments.  It is common to receive one session a week for 6-10 weeks.  As the balance becomes more stable, sessions are gradually spread out.

How will I feel after a Plant Spirit Medicine treatment?

There is no standard response to a Plant Spirit Medicine healing session. The plants and your healer value the uniqueness of each person.  Some clients may feel relaxed after a session; others may feel energized. Regardless, it is best to always allow time for yourself after your first healing sessions.

How many Plant Spirit Medicine sessions will I need?

In our current society we are used to quick fixes and getting what we want at any given moment.  Yet true healing requires going to the source of the imbalance and patiently and persistently giving the person what they have been lacking. As we can see in nature, nothing happens overnight.  It takes time for the soil to be prepared with the proper nutrients, time for the seed to germinate, time for the seed to sprout and time for it to come into bloom.  Like nature, Plant Spirit Medicine is not a one-time fix.  It sets the proper conditions for our healing, bringing balance and healing in the proper time.  It gives us the time to reconnect with the true source of our healing and wellbeing.  Because there is no set number of sessions for a given person, please talk to your healer about what to expect.

How safe is Plant Spirit Medicine?

Plant Spirit Medicine is concerned with restoring the body’s balance and harmony and does not use any medical or other intervention that can cause side effects.