The Healing Power of Plants

Treatment & Healing

Plant Spirit Medicine recognizes
that plants have spirit.
Spirit is the strongest medicine.
Spirit can heal the deepest reaches
of our heart and soul.

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Receiving Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine is a form of spiritual healing that combines the traditions of classical Chinese Five-Element Medicine and the indigenous practice of using plant spirits for healing. It is a powerful, gentle, subtle healing modality. No substances are prescribed or administered. Plant Spirit Medicine healers call upon the spirits of the plants to bring balance and harmony to their patients, removing whatever may be standing in their way as they endeavor to live joyful, balanced lives.


Who are the plant spirits that heal us?

Traditional cultures have long understood that both nature and humankind are endowed with intelligence and spirit. They understood that plants have a spirit. It was not unusual for individuals to have especially vivid experiences with the spirits of nature. They would make friends with the spirits of nature and call upon them for healing and other everyday affairs. In today’s society, people are once again turning to plants for guidance and wisdom and the ability to heal us in body, mind, and spirit. When you take the time to build a relationship with them, the plants will speak to you, guide you, and give you medicine to help your people. They give you what you need to live a better life.

On medication for years to control her bipolar tendencies, Susan came to my office to seek help.  She complained of the unevenness of her life:  highs that brought incredible production and success, and lows that slowed everything to a grinding halt with a debilitating depression.  She accepted the professional opinion of her doctors that she would remain on medication for the rest of her life.  But could I help her live with more joy and harmony and balance?  It was exhausting, she said, to keep her life at an even keel.  And what’s more, she complained of a stuckness in her professional and personal life – like something needed to get moving that couldn’t.  Those concerns, along with various physical complaints, kept her up at night.  She walked around with a perennial haze and tiredness.

From the in-depth interview that answered many questions for me, I was able to see which plant spirit could help bring the balance she requested.  Within a short period of time she felt better than she had felt in years.  Joy returned, sleep became nurturing.  She woke rested.  As her treatments with the plant spirits continued, she received benefits she hadn’t expected:  her relationships became better, her energy increased, and her thinking became clearer than it had been in years.  But the crowning glory for her was when she and her doctor decided she didn’t need her medication any more.  Tapering off slowly over the course of the year (and under close supervision of her physician), Susan has maintained enough balance to no longer need medication.  The plant spirits continue to help her on a regular basis.