Membership Confirmation

Thank you for joining the Plant Spirit Medicine Association, the professional association of plant spirit medicine healers.

Membership in the PSMA offers Healers support from the larger community of PSM healers including networking, informative articles sent to members throughout the year, notices of events, and workshops offered via the Annual Conference. The importance of the professional contact and collaboration is critical in helping each Healer keep their practice flowing and vital.

We maintain an on-line directory of PSM healers. If you are not already listed and would like to be, please contact us at


We encourage you to take a moment to renew your support of the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing. The annual renewal contribution is $65 annually. The Temple provides certification of PSM Healers as Lay Spiritual Healers.

The practice of Plant Spirit Medicine is fundamentally a spiritual practice. The Temple of Sacred Fire Healing provides a forum for, and an alignment with, our spiritual work—which is primarily with the plant kingdom. The Temple is legally classified as a “church,” in the U.S. This is a classification that allows healers to work under state laws pertinent to priests and spiritual healers, rather than clinicians like doctors, massage therapist and councilors. Legalities are different in other nations, nonetheless, the medicine, as taught, remains primarily a spiritual endeavor rather than a technological one. The status of Lay Spiritual Healer reinforces that distinction.

There are two options for renewing your annual support of the Temple for calendar year 2019.

You can send a check for $65 made payable to the “Temple of Sacred Fire Healing” in U.S. Dollars to:

Tim Simon (Assistant Treasurer), 144 Rice Corner Rd, Brookfield, MA 01506.

Or you can use Paypal to send $65 USD by clicking here: