Tony Dusek

Geneva, IL, United States of America

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After several life changing events, Tony Dusek was on a quest for finding a form of natural healing to bring balance and harmony to his life.  Eventually, he came across Eliot Cowan’s book “Plant Spirit Medicine” and became deeply interested in this form of medicine.  Something ancient in him began to dance as he turned the pages.  After reading the book, Tony knew that this was what he had been searching for all along.

After finding someone that practiced Plant Spirit Medicine in his area and receiving treatments for some time, Tony realized that this was his path.  He saw the beauty and the transformation that this form of medicine brought to people’s lives and knew he wanted to be able to share the gifts of the plants with everyone.

After developing a strong relationship with the plant spirits, his friends, he now calls upon them in his work and trusts their wisdom, guidance and deep beautiful healing that they bring forth.  Tony was initiated and graduated as a plant spirit medicine healer in 2016 and inducted into the Temple of Sacred Fire healing as a lay spiritual healer in 2017.   Tony now enjoys sharing what the plants have to offer and witnessing peoples lives blossoming into beauty.