Rachael Shea

Worcester, MA, USA 508-395-0356 rmtshea2000@yahoo.com

Rachael finished her Plant Spirit Medicine studies in 1997 and is a Lay Spiritual Healer in the Temple of Sacred Fire. Rachael grew up around medicines. She worked in her grandfather’s, uncles’ and father’s drugstores, where they mixed plant matter, essential oils and medications for prescriptions. When Rachael’s father, Bill, was in the School of Pharmacy, he rushed home to tell his own father, Tim, that the cough syrup they made contained ingredients that were no longer considered effective. This recipe that Rachael’s grandfather Tim had used for years was given to him by the Polish immigrants in the neighborhood and was very dear to them. Tim’s response to Bill was, “If essence of horse poop works, use essence of horse poop!” Rachael spent a great deal of her early life searching. Becoming a mother made it clear for her that she was searching for a comprehensive and authentic vision of how the world worked, and she searched for it in an approach to health and wellbeing that would serve her family. She tried many healing modalities, including allopathic medicine, acupuncture, polarity therapy, chiropractic, Reiki and aromatherapy. One day Rachael “accidentally” bought Eliot Cowan’s book, Plant Spirit Medicine. From the opening pages, Rachael realized she had found her teacher. Plant Spirit Medicine has opened up a whole new world of plants, relationships, exchange, health, balance, wellbeing and opportunities for Rachael. She is honored to bring this medicine to her clients.