Peter Brown – Turamukame

Peter completed his training on a mountaintop in Santa Barbara in 1997.  During the following years, he has practiced in Littleton, CO, Santa Cruz, CA and now in Olympia, WA.

Having practiced in these very divergent regions of the country, he has grown to appreciate the diversity of plant life and their healing.  From the convergence of the high plains/Rocky Mountain foothills/Sonora desert of Colorado to the almost Mediterranean climate with the fog laden Redwoods of Santa Cruz hugging Monterey Bay to his current home in the abundant northwest with Mt. Rainier overlooking life at the bottom of the Puget Sound, Peter continues his work of learning the medicine that the plants have to offer.

For a decade and a half, Peter has practiced Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM) and is a Lay Spiritual Healer in the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing. During this time, Peter has continued his training in the dynamics of PSM through direct work with Eliot Cowan. This has given Peter a wonderful relationship to the plants and the gift of listening to the living world.

Peter looks forward to talking with you about how Plant Spirit Medicine can assist you and yours in the challenges and blessings that life gives each of us.