Lori VonColln


Health Touch NC
3500 Westgate Drive, Suite 504
Durham, NC 27707


Lori discovered Plant Spirit Medicine at a time in her life when she was feeling particularly challenged by our modern world and experiencing health problems. Finding Plant Spirit Medicine felt like a homecoming to her true self. She noticed her body, mind, and spirit healing from past challenges and traumas. She found a new wellspring of resilience, joy, and flow in her daily life. Her relationships with others improved and blossomed. She knew she needed to offer this medicine to help others as she had been helped. Because plants live in exquisite balance with nature, and are incredibly generous with their offers to help us, they are ideal for helping us return to balance so that we can move forward in our lives as the best version of ourselves.

Her love and connection to nature goes way back to her childhood exploration of the woods behind her home and long hikes with her grandmother. As long as she can remember, nature was a refuge where she found peace, guidance, and healing.

Lori completed her training with Eliot Cowan, author of Plant Spirit Medicine, in 1999 and is certified as a Lay Spiritual Healer in the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing. It is with joy and gratitude that she offers this medicine to her community in Durham, North Carolina.