Anna-Lena Radha Hilton

The Catskills and the Hudson Valley, NY, USA

As a granddaughter of Swedish farmers, Anna-Lena has always had a deep love for the plant people. In searching for the healing that plants offer, Anna-Lena studied traditional herbal medicine, walking the woods and meadows in the beautiful Catskills Mountains finding wild foods, collecting leaves and blossoms, digging roots and making traditional herbal preparations. Looking for a deeper dimension of healing with plants, she found Plant Spirit Medicine. Developing a direct relationship with the spirits of plants satisfied a deep longing. She found that she was entering the traditional heart of herbal medicine practiced since the beginning of time by medicine people of all nations. Now, it’s her great privilege to share that beautiful heart with others so that they can benefit from the deep healing that plants offer so generously. Anna-Lena Hilton completed her Plant Spirit Medicine training with Eliot Cowan in 2000. Since that time, she has been welcoming patients at her healing practice in the Catskills and the Hudson Valley.