Lea Tran

Havelock, Ontario, Canada

(519) 993-5323



Lea Tran graduated from her Plant Spirit Medicine Training in 2015. She is honoured to serve those who feel called to ask for support from the plant spirits in their life’s journey.

Lea knew since a young child that her path was to connect people with the healing wisdom of plants. Her past roles included connecting people physically with plants through her education and experience in plant biology, gardening, horticultural therapy, and herbalism.

Though these roles were important in her path, Lea still felt like there was something missing. Her heart knew that her life purpose involved connecting people to plants spiritually, so people can live more satisfying and balanced lives, feeling deeply supported and accepted.

In 2009, Lea found that missing piece after reading the book Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan, who would later become her teacher. Lea is so grateful for the generosity of the plant spirits, who she sees as able to nourish the spirits of human people beyond ego understanding.

She is committed to connecting people with the beautiful gifts that plants have to offer them. She loves continuing to learn more and more about their medicine through her teachers – both plant and human.

Lea is inducted as a Lay Spiritual Healer in the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing and is a member of the Plant Spirit Medicine Association.