Kateri McCue

Concord, MA and Groton, MA, USA kmccue326@yahoo.com http://www.DancingLightHA.com/

Kateri’s relationship with Plant Spirit Medicine began in 2002 when she sought healing for a debilitating illness. She started receiving treatments and read Eliot Cowan’s book, Plant Spirit Medicine. During her reading, she was brought back to the times in childhood when she felt deeply connected to the living natural world in sunlit summer fields, sassafras and oak forests, and secret worlds of moss and lichen. A profound recognition exploded inside her as she realized Plant Spirit Medicine could provide the connection she’d been longing to feel again from these childhood experiences. After experiencing sweeping changes in her life through the healing of the plant spirits, Kateri knew that she wanted to become a practitioner to share the healing gifts of the plant spirits with others. Kateri completed her Plant Spirit Medicine training in 2008 and was inducted as a Lay Spiritual Healer in 2011. She is continually astounded by the far-reaching vision that the plant spirits bring and the generosity with which they offer their healing gifts.