Karen Smith Fernandez, M.S.

Hillsborough, NC, USA

After working as a therapist in a variety of settings with children, families and deaf people, Karen Smith Fernandez relocated from Seattle to North Carolina in 1988 and focused on her interest in the environment. After becoming one of the founders of the recycling and waste reduction movement in North Carolina, Karen decided to deepen her relationship with the environment. In 1999, Karen entered an 18-month Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner training course with Eliot Cowan.

During the course, she experienced a continuation and deepening of her childhood experience of communication with other living beings, including plants and animals. Having embarked on the course simply to experience the possibilities of communication and connection to other spiritual beings, Karen quickly embraced the powerful healing potential that the plant spirits offer and opened a Plant Spirit Medicine practice in 2000 in Hillsborough, NC. She is a Lay Spiritual Healer in the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing.

Karen is always happy to consult with interested people over the phone to determine if Plant Spirit Medicine is a good alternative treatment choice on an individual basis.