Inna Duckworth

London, United Kingdom

Inna is a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer and a Medical Herbalist with an MSc(Distinction) in Herbal Medicine. When she was studying for her herbal degree, Inna read Eliot’s book and was fascinated with the standard of healing that was established there. Through her clinical studies Inna noticed that many people, who have a “low mood” or are unhappy, are in such an emotional state fundamentally because they are disconnected from their heart’s calling or the ‘true self’. Their physical ailments are a reflection of deep internal imbalances. She found that the bodies can be nourished and some emotional needs met through herbs, but their Spirit will still be deprived.

It took her 7 years before she could join the professional healers course with Eliot Cowan and Alison Gayek and become a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer. It was a profound journey of self-discovery and internal reintegration, one of becoming a truly wholesome person”. Inna receives regular PSM sessions from one of the colleagues and can speak about the benefits of the medicine from her own experience: “The more I receive healing, the more profound the impact on me is. Just before I was joining the course, I was advised to have surgical procedure, after about a year of regular treatments, there was no need for that. Overtime, not only I became a confident Plant Spirit Medicine Healer, capable of detecting the nuances of the healing protocols, in my personal life, I feel more everyday joy and deepened connection to my family.  I have rejoined an art school after many years of neglecting my passion. That is just an example of what this medicine does, I get similar stories from my patients.  I deeply respect and admire the wise and kind nature of the healing changes that the Plant Spirits being upon us.”

Inna practices from London Natural Health Centre in Holborn. Also she offers talks and workshops helping people to reconnect their Heart to Nature.