Colette Ruoff

Colette is a Plant Spirit Medicine healer in the Hudson Valley, 2 hours north of NYC. She sees clients in Rosendale and Woodstock, NY.

Colette awoke to the power of plants for spiritual healing in Peru in 2010. Walking through the jungle she received a clear message from the plants to help others to know and experience their healing gifts. Upon returning, she discovered Eliot Cowan’s book, Plant Spirit Medicine and found it was an elegant answer to the call in the jungle. She started to study with Eliot Cowan and Alison Gayek in 2011 and graduated in 2013. She received her Lay Healer Certificate in 2014.

Since the mid 1990s, Colette has been working with people as a Gestalt therapist, Coach and Workshop Leader. Her focus has been on helping her clients develop a deeper connection to themselves and to align their outer life with their deepest emotional and spiritual truth. She finds Plant Spirit Medicine to be a subtle but powerful way to support this connection and deeper place to navigate life. In her own healing she has found Plant Spirit Medicine gave her the strength and clarity to take more risks in bringing her gifts to the world.