Clare Pearson

Charlemont, MA, USA

In 1987, Clare’s relationship with plants became ‘formalized’ — the beginning of a beautiful and deepening relationship — when she became an organic farmer.  Her curiosity about the plants grew and led her to the next step down the road to medical herbalism. As she walked this journey, her faith and trust in the plants grew.
In 2000, Clare struggled with something akin to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She ran into a friend who was practicing Plant Spirit Medicine and who offered to help. Through the experience of receiving treatments, Clare understood that she was being called to an even fuller expression of her relationship with the plants, so she enrolled in the Plant Spirit Medicine training.

Today, she finds herself standing in profound gratitude for the plants, what they have given her and what they offer to her clients and the world. Living on a farm, she continues to have a tangible relationship with the beauty and healing that plants offer human beings in so many ways.

After becoming a Plant Spirit Medicine healer in 2002 and practicing for eight years, Clare was inducted as a Lay Spiritual Healer in the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing in 2010.