Carla Leftwich

New Orleans, LA, USA

Carla has studied Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan since 2003. She was inducted as a Lay Spiritual Healer by the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing in 2010.

Carla first consciously connected with the plant spirits in 1997 by receiving their healing magic as a Plant Spirit Medicine client. She soon began her lifelong study of the laws of nature and their manifestation in the realm of the plant world. Carla says, “The whole world began to speak to me; or rather, I began to be able to hear the songs that are always and forever sung by all of nature. By opening my heart to nature, the plant spirits showed me a new universe: one where body, mind, emotions and spirit constantly flow and change in a dance of balance and health.”

Carla delights in witnessing the transformations that clients experience as they are brought into the dream of their unique wholeness through the generosity and wisdom of the plant spirits. Sharing the way of the plants’ harmony, balance, and flow in all aspects of life is her heart’s work.

Her office is at The Uptown Holistic Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.