Barbara Rachel

Saco, Maine USA

(207) 229-2320

Barbara’s special relationship with plants began in childhood. She spent many hours outdoors in New York State rambling through the woods and fields and sitting in trees. This unique connection lay dormant through several years in New York City and was revived when she moved to Maine nearly 40 years ago.

Barbara has been a Social Worker for 25 years specializing in trauma. She has always been dedicated to finding ways to help traumatized people to become whole again through mindfulness and behavioral techniques. However, it became increasingly apparent that talking therapy was not the only way to reach clients. Sometimes the wounded spirit cried out for balance.

It was after reading Eliot Cowan’s book, Plant Spirit Medicine that Barbara realized that her two passions could be combined in a way that could nourish all aspects of a person’s being more fully. Her connection to the plant spirits has finally found expression in this gentle and powerful healing modality.

Barbara graduated in March of 2015 and practices in the town of Saco on the beautiful coast of southern Maine just 30 minutes from Portland and 30 minutes from coastal New Hampshire.