Anne Hill

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

240 413 5667

Anne believes her finding of “Plant Spirit Medicine” was no accident.  Within its pages, she discovered a kind of healing she’d known deep within had to exist, but which she’d been seeking for decades, to no avail.  Here was a way of being in the world that felt like waking from a long sleep.  Almost immediately, she knew Plant Spirit Medicine was the help she’d been searching for, both for herself and to offer other people.

In 2016, Anne graduated and began practicing Plant Spirit Medicine.  In 2017, she was inducted to the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing as a Lay Spiritual Healer.

Since 2014, Anne has received regular Plant Spirit Medicine treatments herself, and knows firsthand the profound strength and healing this miraculous medicine offers people.  As a Plant Spirit Medicine healer, it is her privilege and joy to participate with the local plant “folk” (known to most as “weeds”), offering their transformative gifts to people in need of deep healing.

Anne practices Plant Spirit Medicine with the generous partnership of the local weeds in Worcester, Massachusetts