Alison Gayek

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Alison Gayek has the pleasure of practicing Plant Spirit Medicine in Chapel Hill, NC. She began practicing in 1999 after completing her training with Eliot Cowan and is inducted as a Lay Spiritual Healer in the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing.

After reading an article about a man who used plants for healing, Alison felt an inexplicable stirring and remembrance of a way of healing long forgotten in the West. Moved to find out more, she read the book PlantSpiritMedicine and contacted Eliot about training with him. Through the training, continuing education, and clinical practice, Alison has learned how to help others with the plants and bring a fullness to life through balance and harmony.

Over the years of her practice, Alison has become increasingly impressed with the healing power of the plants. She sees clients with all manner of concerns, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual in nature.  She has treated people with nagging issues that have not found relief before. She helps those with serious illness, becoming a part of their wellness team by providing a foundation for healing as they undergo medical treatment. She also helps those who are looking for more in their lives, whether it be a path, a connection, or a feeling of purpose. Alison has also worked with the dying, seeing great beauty in helping people resolve lifetime issues before they move on. No matter the concern, she has found that the plants have something to offer, bringing people back to the sense of themselves and the natural joy that binds us all.