Adrilia Pedersen

St. Augustine, FL, USA

Adrilia is a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer in the coastal town of St Augustine, Florida, near Jacksonville. She is originally from Puerto Rico and has lived in the States since her college years. She first heard of Plant Spirit Medicine in 2005 after what she describes as one of the most difficult times in her life. While sick in bed, she smudged herself and prayed for courage not to give up on life. A few months later, after a friend dreamt that a man had come to town to save Adrilia’s life, Adrilia attended a Rekindle Workshop in Portland, Oregon, met Eliot Cowan and knew immediately that she had to study with him. She enrolled in the Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training Course in 2007, completed her PSM coursework and opened her Plant Spirit Medicine practice in 2009. She was inducted as a Lay Spiritual Healer in April of 2011. Adrilia’s love and respect for the plant spirits and their deep generosity fuels her desire to share this medicine with others to help our people come into better balance and into a state of inner joy.